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A Run in With Rock Stars – Budapest

Thermal baths of Budapest are a must on any visit to the city – Who would have known that they would be the catalyst for partying with rockstars that night.

When you first walk in you are blown away by the beauty of the grounds. While sitting in the 60C (140F) sauna I ended up talking with a stranger about music and tattoos – between struggling breaths in the heat! He went on to ask if I’ve ever heard of Flogging Molly, and after responding yes I didn’t give it too much thought. Turns out the stranger was Nathen Maxwell, bass player of Flogging Molly.


After being invited to the show that night, I was ecstatic.

Walking up to the event gate I was wondering if this was actually happening and if he would have remembered to put me on the list. So after a short conversation with the rather large security guard I saw my name on the list and was handed an AAA (all access) pass.

So I headed back stage and was welcomed with Jamison and Guinness, what else would you expect for an Irish/Punk/Rock band. Everyone was welcoming and they even had a buffet!

The show was a hit and even ended up on stage by the end of the night in front of a few thousand people.

Video 20-07-2015 5 53 48 amOn stage with Flogging Molly

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