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Internet of Things, Technology, and Healthcare Part II: A Closer Look at Peek

Blindness by the numbers is staggering; 39m suffer globally, with 80% having a condition that is either preventable or treatable with a known cure. Furthermore 90% are from low income areas. With this in mind Dr. Andrew Bastawrous, an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon), left the UK for Kenya to tackle the problem head on. This led to the creation of Peek, an innovative mobile eye examination kit which is extending the reach of traditional healthcare….

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Internet of Things, Technology, and Healthcare Part I

To talk about The Internet of Things (IoT), the Innovation Forum brought in Mischa Dohler. Dohler is an industry leader, Professor of Wireless Communications at Kings College, and Co-founder and Board Member of Worldsensing. Dohler provided his views on IoT, milestones every entrepreneur will hit, the biggest problems you’ll face, and mistakes to avoid along the way….

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Health 2.0: Designing Products for Health

Healthcare is an industry of increasing importance with our global ageing population. Health 2.0 looks to play a crucial role in the sectors future. Health 2.0 is focused on innovations and ideas to improve patient care. I attended an event, held at Google Campus London, on Health 2.0 and specifically User Experience (UX) Design to get a better understanding of its importance…

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Doku:Tech Conference – Exploring The Future Challenges and Implications of Technology

Tucked away in the hills of Kosovo is the town of Prizren. Prizren is the host of Doku:Tech – A conference focusing on technology and its role in the future. The conference has expanded by offering workshops in design thinking and providing a variety of international speakers. Speakers this year ranged from tech investor Esther Dyson to Pirate Bay founder Peter (Penter) Sunde….

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A Journey Through Germany: Part II

Berlin, oh Berlin.. a city with significant historic sites, home to some of the greatest street-art in the world (you may have picked up a trend here), great nightlife and even better people.

If you enjoy history make sure to allocate a full day to visit memorials and historical sites within the city itself. Two sites in particular really left an impression. First was the Holocaust Memorial or more profoundly known as…

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A Journey Through Germany: Part I

Germany, where to begin…for a nature and history nut it was the next logical adventure. First up was a journey through the Spreewald region of eastern Germany. The 10 day journey was comprised of mostly cycling with a final day of kayaking.                                  GOPR0094

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