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Earthquakes, Tragedy, and Tagging – How Art Unified a City


Christchurch the second largest city in New Zealand, has had a volatile last 5 years. It has endured two major earth quakes, with over 13,774 after shocks (as of mid 2015). There are major concerns going forward such as the delayed rebuild, businesses not returning to the city center, and meeting the day to day needs of residents. However Christchurch has an increasing entrepreneurial spirit, and soon the worlds first custom-built permanent street art exhibition, which highlights the large impact art has had on the city during this period.

It was the early hours of Saturday when my bed started to vibrate then move violently back and forward as items were thrown across the room, windows rattled while the ground projected a noise similar to semi-truck speeding past; in a moment of confusion I simply threw the sheets over my head to protect from potential falling glass and waited the longest 40 seconds of my life for it to pass. That was the morning of September 4th, when New Zealand’s largest earthquake hit just west of Christchurch near Darfield Canterbury.

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