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Tag: Innovation

Surviving failure in the not-for-profit sector : How to effectively innovate

Innovation is a sought after concept, seen as a way for organizations to respond to disruption, be more competitive and improve their financial position. Generally speaking, it suggests different methods, pioneering product development and challenging the status quo – to improve a product or service. Naturally, there are some organizations who innovate better than others…

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Campus London FinTech Investors Evening: A Panel Discussion

On occasion Dreamstake – A London based firm focused on matching investors to start ups – holds events at Campus, a Google space. This month was a panel discussion focused on financial technology. Financial technology or Fin-tech, has grown rapidly in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis. A report from Accenture shows that investment into Fin-tech in total has tripled from $4.05bn in 2013 to $12.2Bn in 2014. Furthermore the rate of investment is triple that of its venture capital peers. To discuss this, a panel of respected fin-tech leaders sat ready for questions…

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Health 2.0: Designing Products for Health

Healthcare is an industry of increasing importance with our global ageing population. Health 2.0 looks to play a crucial role in the sectors future. Health 2.0 is focused on innovations and ideas to improve patient care. I attended an event, held at Google Campus London, on Health 2.0 and specifically User Experience (UX) Design to get a better understanding of its importance…

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